Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nightwing # 26

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Javier Fernandez
Colors: Chris Sotomayor

Nightwing is in some of his darkest moments that will define who he is and who he will become. As he struggles with his own life, an old partner comes back into the picture.


Sad Face

Dick is grieving over his friend Brendan “Giz” Li, who was murdered. Murdered over a task that Nightwing got him started on in the first place. His thoughts are interrupted by an intrusion into his apartment. But to his surprise it’s only Huntress. It appears she’s come as a friend, worried for an ex-lover. Maybe she heard he’s single now…but, it turns out Huntress has her own agenda. She wants to help Dick find Giz’s murderer, because it might just lead to her family’s killer as well.

 Old Habits, Die Hard

Meanwhile, Pigeon is trying to get Shawn to turn back to her life of crime, but we really don’t care about that so moving on. Nightwing and Huntress find their way to club Leon, to find hired hit men and their clients. Stealth apparently isn’t their tactic on this one, as they fight their way in. Eventually, they get the whereabouts of the man they are tracking, Gianni Dracul. Cut back to Shawn deciding to be bad again…still don’t care.

 Spryaling Down

When Huntress and Nightwing get to the location they find Dracul dead. They assume he was murdered by one of his own, they continue to investigate the scene to find a flash drive hidden away. In that flash drive they find out that Dracul was a Spyral undercover agent, and this was all a set up. Worse yet, the Second hand isn’t’s Spyral!

Sum it Up

So excited to see Spyral back in the picture, because it’s such a defining part of who Dick is. Some of the stuff with Shawn made it pretty obvious of where that story was headed, but it’s so small it didn’t bother me too much. I liked this story a lot better. I’m still not to confident in Nightwing’s future, but hopefully this is a sign of a nice turning point.


Ariel DuPey | NCR

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