Thursday, August 10, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws # 13

Story: Scott Lobdell
Art: Dexter Soy

The Life of Bizarro: Part 2

Previously, in Red Hood and the Outlaws – Bizarro is dead following a fight between the Outlaws and Solomon Grundy. But when Lex Luthor shows up and offers to save the life of Bizarro, Jason Todd and Artemis reluctantly accept his help.


The Just Us League

The issue opens with Bizarro narrating the story of his life and how he came to live on Earth. His dad, mom, cousin, and dog all wished him well as they put him in an escape pod and sent him off to Earth just as Krypton exploded. The Kent family adopted him. “Saints am alive!” exclaimed Ma Kent. “We are call Clark!” exclaims Pa Kent. On Earth, he joined the Just Us League alongside his friends Rope Lady, Wet Wet, Go Go, Night Light, Sigh Borg, and Batman (who is just “Batman” everywhere apparently!). But no, those am not … I mean, those are not Bizarro’s memories. Those memories are implanted and not his. Bizarro’s true first memories are of fear, pain, and terror … that is, until Red Hood came along.


The love runs deep between Jason Todd and Bizarro. The Superman/Batman bromance has nothing on these two. Red Hood was the very first thing Bizarro ever saw with his own eyes; he was the first to reach out to him and to touch him. He was the first to assure Bizarro everything would be okay. For Jason Todd, Bizarro was the first guy friend he made on his own after he, you know, came back from the dead. We get to see one panel that might be my favorite single comic book panel ever, and it shows Jason and Bizarro in their messy apartment playing video games side-by-side on the couch. The love is shared with the third member of the Outlaws too: Artemis. When Bizarro and Artemis were prisoners of Black Mask it was Artemis who taught him how to speak and even write and spell … as well as Bizarro is capable of that is.


According to Lex Luthor, there is a .37 percent chance he can save Bizarro’s life. For most people, that would be impossible. For Lex, it’s a Tuesday. Lex Luthor even gets in on the emotions this issue as he operates on Bizarro. He thinks back to his original creation who grew to become a friend – Subject B-Zero, also known as the Bizarro from the New 52. B-Zero was killed and Lex clearly misses him. An injection of kryptonite into Superman’s veins would kill him, but for Bizarro, who is the genetic opposite of Superman, it just might save his life. Lex Luthor informs Red Hood and Artemis that the operation was successful and they can go see Bizarro now. Both are in for a shock, however, when they walk in on a well-spoken, groomed, classy, and dare I say GENIUS Bizarro! “What an absolute pleasure to see you again my compatriots,” says Bizarro as he adjusts his glasses. Ummmm….?

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Sum it up!

Red Hood and the Outlaws has more personality in its three cast members than the entire Justice League has combined. The art switches styles depending on the memory from a stylized, cute cartoon to groovy, psychedelic madness. This would have been a 10 out of 10 except for the fact that once again the colorist can’t seem to decide if Artemis’s boots should be red or black.

Score 9/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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