Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Suicide Squad # 23

Story: Rob Williams
Art: Gus Vazquez

Kill Your Darlings – Part 3: Out of Control

Previously, in Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn is the new leader of the Squad and Captain Boomerang has been revealed as a traitor and the team left him to die in Siberia. Amanda Waller issued a new order: take Batman and Killer Frost into custody.


The Past

This issue smartly ties in to one of the best cross-over events of Rebirth: Justice League Verses Suicide Squad. We see flashbacks of Batman and Amanda Waller discussing Killer Frost and their contradictory views of her. Amanda Waller sees her as a monster who will never amount to anything more. Batman sees the value in Caitlyn Snow and wants her for his team. It turns out that the reason Amanda Waller agreed to let Batman have Killer Frost is because he admitted he was wrong. I repeat: in this issue Batman admits he was wrong. He admits Killer Frost showed there was value in Amanda’s Task Force X.

The Present

It appears the Suicide Squad replaced Captain Boomerang with El Diablo. An obvious yet curious choice given Killer Frost’s powers. The Suicide Squad descends on Gotham City and attempts to apprehend Frost. El Diablo complains about feeling sick but Waller orders him to attack Killer Frost. Frost can’t believe her luck and their stupidity to send someone like El Diablo after a someone whose powers basically equal a heat vampire. Killer Frost instantly leaps at Diablo, absorbing his heat and growing exponentially in power all while killing El Diablo. As Killer Frost’s powers grow to the point the entire Suicide Squad is unable to stop her, she suddenly grows ill. It’s pretty clear Amanda Waller poisoned El Diablo knowing Killer Frost would be unable to resist using her powers ultimately proving Amanda right.

The Future?

The “main show” suddenly arrives however as Batman swoops in and fights the Suicide Squad. He evades and parries their every move as a bat-device begins to calculate something. After enough time has passed, the calculation is complete. What was Batman calculating? The frequency of the Suicide Squad’s brain bombs of course! Batman uses the frequency to knock out the entire Suicide Squad… minus one very important member: Katana. Katana has never been a prisoner, only fiercely loyal to Waller which is why Amanda never implanted a bomb in Katana’s head. Katana’s Soul Sword shames her as she attacks Batman, knocking him into a frozen lake. She retrieves the unconscious Killer Frost and Suicide Squad members and returns to Belle Reve. The fight is far from over as in the last panel Batman survived the attack and screams, “wu, wu, … WALLER!!!”

Next: Bats in Belle Reve

Sum it up!

Everything was done right once again. Justice League Verses Suicide Squad was one of the best cross-overs in Rebirth and this issue continues with the aftermath of that as well as the past events of the Suicide Squad series. The plot twist was a little too obvious, but it didn’t take away from the fun of the book.

Score 9/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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