Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Suicide Squad # 24

Story: Rob Williams
Art: Agustin Padilla and Juan Ferreyra

Kill Your Darlings – Part 4: Unworthy

Previously, in Suicide Squad – Amanda Waller has ordered the Suicide Squad to apprehend Batman and Killer Frost. Katana subdued Batman and the Squad captured Killer Frost.


The Plan

Katana laments her role in apprehending Killer Frost and hurting Batman in the process and wants to set things right. Amanda Waller has Killer Frost imprisoned in a machine that appears to subdue her powers. Waller’s plan is to put every superhero and super-villain behind bars and to take back the planet for humanity.

The Man

Director Karla of the Annihilation Brigade, which is the Russian version of the Suicide Squad has convinced Amanda Waller to share all her secret files with him including the location of superhero bases and secret identities. Amanda believes it’s all for the good of mankind and the in the long-term benefit for her grandchild. Once Director Karla has the intel, he orders ready all the Suicide Squads across the planet. It’s time to take the meta-humans down.

The Women

It probably comes as no big surprise that Batman is not dead. Instead, he is coming for Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad to rescue Killer Frost. Unfortunately for Batman, Killer Croc and Enchantress are keeping guard and Belle Reve and they have Batman in their grasp. Just before Enchantress executes Batman, two Gotham girls swoop in for the rescue: Harley Quinn and Katana! Harley is a little more than angry that Waller blames her for the deaths of Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, and others while Katana wants to make peace with her Soul Sword for her earlier betrayal of Batman.

The Escape Plan

Batman and an unconscious Killer Frost attempt to escape Belle Reve in a jet while Harley Quinn and Katana hold off Amanda’s army. When Waller, Deadshot, and El Diablo see the jet take off, Waller orders it shot out of the sky. As Amanda Waller begins to pulse with blue electricity, the Squad realizes she is under the control of Gulag of the Annihilation Brigade!

Next: Amanda Waller Verses the Suicide Squad

Sum it up!

A good issue, but not a great one like the previous two were. Still, this is the most fun Suicide Squad has been in a while and hope they keep up the exciting pace.

Score 7/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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