Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Supergirl # 12

Story: Steve Orlando
Art: Robson Rocha

The Girl of No Tomorrow: Part One

Previously, in Supergirl – Following a team-up with Batgirl and a trip to the Phantom Zone, Kara goes to Catco Worldwide where Cat Grant suddenly and surprisingly shoots Supergirl with an energy gun.


Packing a Punch

As Supergirl plummets to the streets below she regains consciousness and her ability to fly. But something is different – the balcony on the building is mysteriously gone and other small things seem different. The air feels strange and numbing to Kara, and she is struggling to concentrate. It’s almost like she has too much super power running through her and it is tough to keep it under control. As Supergirl flies off she creates a sonic boom that shatters the windows of the skyscrapers and sends broken glass raining down on the citizens. Her heat vision suddenly goes berserk as well as Kara accidentally shoots laser beams at the screaming people below. Then, an alarm goes off and Kara suddenly worries about being late for school. Wait, what is going on? Is this real? Was that a dream? We’ll find out, because meanwhile….

The Fatal Five

The Emerald Empress is still after Supergirl. The Eye of Ekron has convinced her that their paths are destined to cross and will lead to her death at the hands of Saturn Girl. To turn fate, the Emerald Empress has assembled a Rogues for Supergirl. Her own Legion of Doom. The members consist of the Emerald Empress herself, and her Eye of Ekron; Solomon Grundy, an undead monster with superhuman strength and near invulnerability; Indigo, also known as Brainiac 8, an inorganic being with an analytic computer mind; Magog, the super villain whose strength can go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel himself; and to the delight of myself and other fans of the 1984 “Supergirl” movie, Selena, the sorceress portrayed by Faye Dunaway. Together, they make the Fatal Five.

Super Overload

The Emerald Empress wants the world to see who Supergirl really is: an evil and destructive being who will destroy the world. This, of course, is not who Supergirl really is, rather it is how the Emerald Empress sees her. With her powers still set to “destroy”, now is a bad time for Supergirl to have Solomon Grundy attack National City. Who is more dangerous to the people around them: Supergirl or Grundy???

Next: The Grip of Grundy

Sum it up!

This issue was leaps and bounds better than the last storyline, due in part to coinciding with the events of Justice League Verses Suicide Squad crossover. The Fatal Five present the challenge Supergirl needs, and the book assures you the stakes are as real as they feel.

Score 8/10

Noah O'Toole | NCR

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